Copperhead Laser Screed

Copperhead Laser Screed

The Somero Laser Screed helped revolutionize the entire process of concrete placement. The CopperHead is a smaller machine that can reach places that the "big screeds" cannot! 

The CopperHead is the first Laser Screed able to work above grade in applications such as steel frame / composite decks and pre-cast deck panels with toppings.

Why use the Copperhead Laser Screed?

Screeding the conventional wet-pad method is an extremely labour intensive process. The process is strenuous, making it difficult to maintain constant levels of quality and productivity.

The CopperHead, the world's first walk-behind laser screed, is the solution to this problem. The process is automated. Two labourers and one CopperHead operator screed to laser tolerances without 'wet rails' or pipe screeds. No bent-over screeding, and grade control is continuous, automatic, and precise.

The benefits we bring to your project are:

  • Laser accuracy
  • Improved flatness and levelness, floors are flatter and more level than those produced with any conventional method
  • The laser screed is so compact, portable, and extremely manouverable, access can be gained to almost any area. It can be used on grade and on upper deck projects
  • Faster screeding due to elimination of wet-pads

  • By using a Dipstick™, we can measure the flatness and levelness of your floor to ensure the floor is within specified criteria. A much more accurate and computerised process than using +/-3mm with a flat edge.

Concrete Bindings is highly experienced in:

  • High rise pours and
  • Large commercial floors
  • Civil construction work

View the Copperhead Laser Screed promotional video  to see how we can bring perfection to your job.

Should you need to screed a large area at a faster rate, then our latest aquisition, the Somero S160 Laser Screed may be the machine to use.


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