Flat Floors





Owners and operators of warehouse facilities as well as racking and equipment suppliers require flatness and levelness in a floor that enables efficient operation at minimum cost.

The specialised end use of a floor calls for the production of a high performance floor slab with excellent abrasion resistance, minimal cracking and long term durability.

Slab flatness and levelness has a major impact on these criteria.



Concrete Bindings is able to produce highly specified floors and to present the technical outcomes,  have invested in a   Dipstick™ Digital Floor Profiler which creates a point to point graph of the surface area, measuring the surface flatness and levelness


Ff-number indicates the flatness of a floor

Fl-number indicates the levelness of a floor

F-numbers are derived from a statistical analysis of the floors elevation and prove that the floor is compliant with the American Concrete Institute (ACI 117-90), Standard Specification for Tolerances for Concrete Construction and Materials, ACI 302 Guide for Concrete Floor and Slab Construction and also Canadian Standards Association (CSA A23.1).

Together with the Copperhead Laser Screed or S160 Laser Screed and careful Quality Assurance assessment, Concrete Bindings consistently achieve very flat floor tolerances which exceed client expectation


 Copperhead Laser Screed

 S160 Laser Screed




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